Our Values

Challenging the Norm

We are driven to continually challenge the norm and to be a pioneer of leading tech-Innovative companies.

Respecting Intellectual Property

We are a trustworthy, loyal, and respectful partner in all our affiliated parties.

Assuring Quality & Public Safety

We anticipate our customers changing needs with high value and energy-efficient products.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We are obliged to operate in an environment-friendly, socially-aware, and economical manner while promoting public safety.

Delivering Value

We deliver unique products and excellent services, compelling values to both customers and partners, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organization.

Outstanding Products & Great Services

We endeavour to create unique products and excellent services through effective teamwork to our customers.


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    Year 2003

    Started as a product design company, produced handwash for UK market.

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    Year 2010

    Multi-point Instantaneous Water Heater for the Skegness Resort, UK

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    Year 2012

    Installed 1,000 units of hand-wash machines in the Olympic London Stadium, UK

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    Year 2013

    Hot water system t -90°C for the Antarctica Traverse by Sir Ranulph Fiennesin raising USD10M for the Seeing is Believing blindness charity

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    Year 2016

    Renewable energy hot water system at First World Hotel, Genting. 6X larger than an ordinary hotel with 1,286 rooms.

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    Year 2017

    Winner of MBR Award - The Largest Renewable Energy Hot Water System

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    Year 2019

    Intrix Renewable Hot Water System installed in the tallest building in Malaysia

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    Year 2021

    Awarded Gold Category in Product Safety Award by Suruhanjaya Tenaga Energy Commission


Global Market of Intrix

Intrix is made up of a team of expert engineers that specialise in making and developing the best systems for water heating, purification and hydration. Beyond the advanced technology, we believe in making such solutions available and accessible to the community by extending our expertise to installation and servicing of equipment.

We have an established repute as a leading water heating provider in the UK as seen by how we provide water and heating solutions from design to functionality with detail and care for the individual's needs. We take pleasure and pride in delivering a first class service, excellent free advice before and after you buy, as well as bringing you a vast portfolio of premier water and beverage solutions at affordable prices. We are glad to introduce lifestyle enhancements that genuinely fulfil what we need to reach our potential in life.

Our Product Segment